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Coolant Fluid Exchange

Volkswagen Coolant Fluid Exchange

Volkswagen Coolant Fluid Exchange in Northeast Philadelphia

Chapman Volkswagen of Northeast Philadelphia provides quality coolant fluid exchange services for all Volkswagen cars and SUVs. We provide our customers with more value than what they’ve received elsewhere by organizing our coolant fluid exchange service around high-quality resources, such as certified technicians, state-of-the-art service department, and genuine Volkswagen OEM coolant fluid. 

No matter if your Volkswagen car or SUV is from Philadelphia or Levittown, our customers rest assured with peace of mind knowing that their vehicle’s engine cooling system is being serviced by VW experts that know the vehicle and its coolant fluid maintenance professionally.


Keeping the Engine Cool

Internal combustion engines produce tremendous heat when generating drive power, and that is precisely what the engine cooling system and coolant fluid help with – removing excessive heat so the engine can operate efficiently within the factory-specified operating temperature.

The engine cooling system gets the job done with a water pump circulating coolant fluid through various hoses, lines, and engine passages where it absorbs excessive heat. Once the coolant fluid collects engine heat, it pumps to the radiator where the heat is blown away from the engine bay.

The overall performance of the engine cooling system and preventing the engine from overheating comes down to a single liquid – your vehicle’s coolant fluid. Given the extreme nature of the job, coolant fluid requires routine inspections and exchange service as needed when it succumbs to thermal breakdown, leaks, or contamination.

Symptoms of Broken Down, Leaking, or Contaminated Coolant

  • Coolant found puddled under the vehicle, usually toward the front of the engine. 
  • Dashboard warning light – engine overheating, coolant fluid monitoring, or check engine lights 
  • Engine’s average operational temperature increases 
  • Smelling a sweet odor of coolant inside the cabin 
  • Engine overheats

Genuine Volkswagen Coolant Fluid Service

Our coolant fluid exchange service begins with a certified technician with extensive hands-on experience working within a state-of-the-art VW service department. The highly-qualified technician will drain the old coolant, inspect the coolant’s condition and all primary cooling system components, and if all is well, will install fresh VW OEM coolant fluid according to specifications for your model and year.

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